Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Preschool Chatter

YG: I'm so sweaty from playing!
Mom: What were you playing that made you so sweaty?
YG: I was playing with the princess books all day!
Mom: Playing with books made you so sweaty? What were you doing with them?
YG: I was holding them and reading them. And my hands are so tired from turning pages.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wedding talk

(On her way home from her auntie's house)

Mom: Did you have fun playing with N? You're both going to be wedding girls at auntie's wedding.
YG: No! I'm the one getting married to Gavin because he's my best friend. But Jaden has to marry Kevin.

Later that day, auntie messages mom:

Auntie: This morning she said she was going to marry N at my wedding and I said noo you're going to be a flower girl there and then marry a boy some day.

And she said okay I'll marry Gavin and then Jaden can marry Gavin and I said that she probably didnt want to marry someone that was married to someone else.

So she said okay then I'll just marry Gavin and Jaden can marry Kevin.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Frozen Obsessions

(Conversations we have on a daily basis since seeing the movie Frozen almost five months ago.)

YG: Why does Elsa make it Frozen everywhere?
Mom: Because she has magical powers.
YG: Why does she frozen the lake as she steps on it?
Mom: Because she does.
YG: Why does Prince Hans sword Anna?
Mom: Because he's not a very nice man.

Playing Wii Bowling

YG: Aww buggers! I missed!

School Secrets

(On the way home from school)

YG: Mom! I have to tell you a secret!
Mom: Okay what is it?
YG: Today at school, Gavin pulled the hair off of one of the ponies. It was my favorite princess pony!
Mom: Oh no! What happened?
YG: Then Ms. Janet said he had to take a break and he also ripped Aurora's head off the doll.
Mom: Oh that's terrible. Why did he do that?
YG: Ms. Janet had to throw them in the trash! Now we only have two ponies to play with! (holding up 2 fingers)

It's what?

Mom: Here, sign this card for Oma.
YG: Oh this is going to be delightful!