Thursday, June 6, 2013

Preschool Gossip

Preschool gossip are the stories I get after school every day. Enjoy!

Mommy: How was your day today?
YG: Good.
Mommy: Did you play outside?
YG: Yeah we played in the sandbox.
Mommy: Oh cool was it fun?
YG: There was monsters chasing us!
Mommy: Oh no! Why were the monsters chasing you?
YG: No it was one monster!
Mommy: Who was he chasing?
YG: Me and Gavin!
Mommy: Oh no! What kind of monster was he?
YG: He was a blue Aladdin monster!
Mommy: Yikes! What did he want?
YG: He was chasing us because he wanted some milk!
Mommy: Oh no and you didn't have any?
YG: No
Mommy: So what did you do?
YG: Me and Gavin hid under the slide!
Mommy: Oh good so you were safe?
YG: Yeah and Gavin chased him away. So I need to go back to school because I don't want the monster to be home! 
Mommy: Oh I see, you need Gavin to save you?
YG: I stamped on bags today, mom!